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"Ye Olde Violin Key" Sideswiper

Ye Old Violin Key

Please note!  As of 6/29/18 this key will be designed to work as a SIDESWIPER or a SINGLE LEVER PADDLE.
Some minor changes have been made to the "brass" portion of the key but the basic design will not change.
Pictures coming soon!
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$159 + 6% Idaho Sales Tax - Price includes Shipping to US and Canada

Call sign to engrave on key...

As you can see in the pictures the bottom has been poured with lead.  The key weighs over 1.4 pounds.  The wood is African Padauk.  This original key is a SIDESWIPER (cootie).  Size:  6 3/4" long, 2 3/4" wide, 2 1/2" high. Due to the construction, this key CAN NOT be converted to a paddle for a keyer.   NOTE: AS OF 6/29/18 a new design is ready.  This particular key has been changed so it will work as a SIDESWIPER or as a SINGLE LEVER PADDLE.  I will have pictures of the new design soon but it will look similar to this one.  The basic design will not change.    Musical notes are engraved to the side of the spring steel arm.   Your call sign will be engraved on the left side of the paddle mount in the rear.  Due to the various plug configurations depending on the rig, this key will NOT be furnished with a plug.  It will be furnished with a 3-conductor cable.  You will furnish and wire your own plug to
suit your particular rig.

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