Kelly's Carving Page

I just started carving and I'm not very good at it yet but I hope to catch on sooner or later.  I have a Mastercarver system along with two
Dremel tools.  I use an Xacto knife for hand carving.  I know it's not what most of the pro's use but it seems to work for me.  When I
get better at it then I can start accumulating more tools. 

Click HERE to see my CARVING KNIFE idea!

^ One of my first carving projects....a pair of cowboy boots and a cowboy hat.  Yee-Haw....  The boots are about five inches tall.  I think the scale of the hat to the boots is a little off but then I'm a little off too!   :>) ^  This is my homemade downdraft table, dust collector.  It will
filter the dust in my shop with its huge squirrel cage fan and
five filtered intakes.  One of the intakes is boxed in with the
table as you can see above.  The air sucks in the sawdust
from my power carver and filters it out.  Works slick!  That's my
thickness planer mounted on top of the unit.
This is my first attempt at carving a caricature.  He started out as a hobo from one of my carving magazines but as I progressed, he stopped looking like the hobo and took on a life of his I just ran with it.  Well, maybe he does look like a hobo. I see a few mistakes and I'm sure you do too...but that's ok.  He's unique and he's only my first one.  I call him "Pot-Belly Pete."  Hmmmm...he kind of looks like me.  Is that a bad thing?  I don't think I'll be quitting my day job anytime soon.  But then again, not bad maybe for my first time and no instruction to speak of. He's about 6 3/4" to the top of his hat.  I carved him entirely with an Xacto knife with a #22 and a #24 blade with a #6 aluminum handle.   Who needs a carving knife?  Seemed to work pretty well. The wood is basswood.  Maybe on my next one I will attempt to carve a mouth instead of taking the easy way out with a mustache. 
^  Still have a ways to go yet.  This is a pair of boots that I carved using the step by step instructions from Lynn Doughty of Jay, Oklahoma.  He has step by steps for several carving projects.  His site is EXCELLENT.  Click HERE to get to his site. ^  Another view of my boots.  The one on the left is the RIGHT boot and the one on the right is the LEFT. that backwards or what?  Months from now I will look at these and LAUGH and wonder why I ever put them on for others to see! ^  This was supposed to be a hillbilly head but I'm not sure that's what it looks like.  I'm having problems with making the eyes.  Gonna have to work on that.  This was from Harold Enlow's pattern.