We had a good turnout Saturday but due to scheduling constraints we had to shut down about 4 p.m.  We made a total of 34 HF contacts in four hours.  That's not very good by contest standards...but that isn't too bad considering we spend most of the time just visiting.  Field Day is not really a contest between operators or's more of a contest to see how good we are at setting up portable operations and communicating in the event of an emergency.  I think we were extremely successful in that regard.  We were set up and operating in about 20 minutes after arriving on the scene.  73 Kelly, K7SU

Thanks to the many that showed up at Harmon Park for the MVRC-FD 2007!

This year there were three stations set up and on the air. Kelly,  K7SU was on 20 meters, Bob, KC7QR was on 10, 15, 40, and tried 6 a 
cupla times, and Mike, K7MDI had a very nice 1/4 wave 40 meter vertical set up and made some contacts with it.  Everyone that showed up sat, chatted, and even some talked over the radio, and then when it was time to leave, they all left with a smile  on their face. That's what it's all about, having fun!

That shows that ham radio operators really can get together and have a good time even if there are "Honey Due" projects. Perhaps we can 
have more transmitters on the air next year. There are many club meetings between now and then so how about it? Let's plan on   putting more stations on the air and even have a larger "show" next year! 

Bob, KC7QR

Getting set up at Harmon Park.  Bob, KC7QR, putting up the sign. Gordon, N7GUC is supervising.  Left...Bob's FT857 ready for action.  Right...Kelly's IC718, likewise.  Bob used a Yaesu ATAS mobile whip mounted to his Jeep Cherokee.  Kelly used a homebrew Hamstick dipole clamped to his SnugTop on the pickup. The sign identified us.  The sign is mounted to the tent leg with a special invention by Bob, KC7QR...Patent Pending!  Background, Bob and Gordon discussing their satisfaction at the results of the sign-hanging.
Operating the event.  Bob, KC7QR on the back rig and Dallas, WB7AKX, at the front.  Chuck, KA7WZM in the front wearing a big smile.  Rear left, sitting on the ground,  is Rich, N7CID. Another station in the operation was Mike, K7MDI.  To the right is his all band vertical.  On the front of the table is Mike's spectrum analyzer. Standing is Joe, KI7XV.  Seated in the back left are Lee, KE7IAC and Winter, W6RCZ. Here is Mike's all-band carbon fiber vertical.  I think he said it was about 37 feet high. 

Here is the list of those who attended the event.

K7SU Kelly Klaas TF ID
KC7QR Bob Castaneda  TF ID
WB7AKX Dallas  TF ID
KE7IAC Lee Jerome,  ID
N7GUC Gordon Harris TF ID
AD7JS Rick Lang TF ID
K7MDI Mike Dahmer Jerome ID
K6YEX Hal Leeney TF ID
N7CID Richard Brodt Jerome ID
KI7XV Joe Vance TF ID
W6RCZ Winter Vance  TF ID
KA7WZM Chuck Banas TF ID
WB7NNQ Mike Strolberg  Buhl ID
WD8NFA Don Peters  Hollister ID
WB7CYO Lee Bunch  TF ID
Jim Herrera  Jerome ID
KE7LOY Brian Croner  TF ID
K7RXG Ernie Kendrik  TF ID

FD 2007 Snake River Chapter
Thanks to Kevin Vogt, KD7IYA for these pictures

From The Snake River Chapter, Idaho Society of Radio Amateurs