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Hello from Idaho and thanks for dropping by.

     I was first licensed in 1966 at the age of 14.  My first call was my novice call in 1966...WN7GJE  I upgraded to GENERAL class a year later and my call changed to WA7GJE. Later I upgraded to Advanced.   Then in 1978 (or thereabouts) I got an EXTRA class license and holders of that class could choose their own 1x2 call so I got K7SU.  It's a great call for CW.
     I  enjoy all aspects of amateur radio including CW and PSK31, RTTY, SSTV, JT65hf and others.  I also enjoy operating AM on 80 meters in the late afternoon and early evenings. 
     I also like to fool around with QRP.  Much of my operating is  CW QRP.  I also have an AL-80B so I do like to operate QRO also   However, you are likely to hear me on about any band on any mode about any time. 
     Twin Falls is in the south central part of Idaho in the beautiful Magic Valley.  The population of Twin Falls city is just over 40,000.  I live in the country so I have an acre for antennas and a QTH about 250 feet above the city.  It's a great ham QTH.
     I retired in December 2014 after a 40 year career in radio broadcasting.  When I retired I was the Chief Engineer of a 4-station combo in Twin Falls working for Townsquare Media LLC.  I also did a daily 2-hour talk show with a co-host.
    I have several other hobbies besides ham radio.  They include woodworking, shooting my handguns, photography, observing the heavens through my home built 8" Newtonian reflector telescope, and enjoying my grandkids...not necessarily in that order.
     Drop by anytime.  This site seems to change quite a bit.

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               Play the video above for a short tour of my radio shack.

QRP ARCI   #6687
NAQCC      #1082
FISTS  #12040
FISTS Northwest    #76
SKCC (Straight Key Century Club)  #306
A1-OP Club
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Watch this video of a six meter opening:


In days of old, when ops were bold and sideband not invented,
the words were passed by pounding brass and all were quite contented!

Long live CW.  Anyone can talk on a microphone.  Heck, I do it for a living!   But it takes a few smarts to work CW.  So, put down the mic and grab the key (bug, paddles, whatever you have) and make a CW QSO today....even better a QRP QSO.


CW Operators Do It By Hand !

Grid Locator:  DN-22sc


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