Kelly's Carving Knife  (or one of them anyway)


Here's one of my carving knives.  I've decided that, until I get better and can find me a good knife, that I'd just use what I have.
I really like the Xacto knife set I have.  The blades are extremely sharp, they are available in a lot of places, and when they get dull
you just throw them away and put in a new one.  No time spent sharpening.  I have a #6 aluminum handle which I like but this #2 handle
seemed just a bit small at times.  Rather than not using it, I built a handle for it.  It's made of pine.  I drilled a hole lengthwise in
a size that fit my hand, sanded it down and drilled a screw hold through both the wooden handle and the aluminum handle on the Xacto
knife.  Slip the Xacto into the pine handle, secure with a screw and nut and there you go.  The pictures below show you.

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