My "Portable" Mobile Mount

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This is how I mount my Yaesu FT-7800 V/UHF radio in my 2000 Ford Ranger pickup.  Now, depending on your particular vehicle, this setup may not work.  But it works in mine and it works well.  This allows me to have a full setup including radio, speaker and mic mount all on one unit.  This way I don't have to drill any holes in the dash or floor.  I also have a mag-mount antenna so I just route the RG-58 in through the back door of the pickup and under the seat up to the radio.  I can unplug the cigarette-lighter plug and antenna and pull the entire unit out in about 15 seconds.  Or about 30 seconds if I also take the antenna.  The entire unit just sits on the "hump."  There is no need for any screws or bolts to tie anything down.  I see no reason why this same type setup wouldn't work with many of the smaller HF rigs such as the Yaesu FT-857 etc.  I haven't painted mine yet but you could certainly do that and make it look much better.  I have been using this for a couple of years and it works very well!  This could be adapted for many other vehicles.

^My portable mobile mount sitting on my "Snug Top" before being put in my pickup.  Dimensions are made to fit "my" pickup.  ^Another view of the mount.  Notice everything is mounted
on the mount itself including the microphone clip to hang the mic.
^Here is a view showing the mount as it sits on the "hump" looking from the driver's side, obviously.  Well, unless you live in England! ^Another view.  The Rat Shack speaker from the junk box
can be directed up or sideways.