My Kenwood TS-2000 thoughts.........updated 11/10/06

I purchased one of these rigs in September of 2005.  Now that I've had a chance to use it a bit, I thought I'd let you know my
thoughts on it.

*  I don't like the built-in keyer.  I just can't seem to get the hang of it.  I have an MFJ Econo Keyer that I have no problem
with.  I use that one instead.  The built-in keyer on my IC-718 is far superior to the one on the TS-2000. It's my understanding
some of the 2000's have a problem with RF getting into the keyer.  That sounds about right because it inserts extra dits and dah's
when transmitting but doesn't do it when NOT in transmit. 

*  The receiver is OK.  I also have a Kenwood TS-430 late 80's vintage.  The 430 receiver is just as hot, if not hotter....but
it's also not a "daylight to dirt" rig so I'll have to look past that.  And the 430 doesn't have DSP.  But the narrow CW filter is quite nice!

*  It has a LOT of buttons.  And many of the buttons do double duty.  It's ok but takes some time to learn and get used to.

*  I wish you could crank the power lower than 5 watts.  UPDATE:  Actually you CAN turn it clear down to ZERO on power output.  First, turn down the
    POWER CONTROL to 5 (as low as it goes) then activate the CARRIER control with FUNC + CAR then turn it down.  Return it to
    50 when finished.  Thanks to Dan, K9RQ, for that tip.


*  This is a "daylight to dirt" rig.  It's a great one-unit ham radio.  If you have limited space and like to work everything from
1.2gig to 160 meters, this is the one to consider.

*  The IF DSP is great.  And you can narrow down a CW signal in the 50 hz. filter and shut out the rest of the world.

*   The QSK is really nice!  Switching is lightning fast.

*  I like the power control.  Easy to change power levels.

*  All modes on VHF/UHF  :>)

*  Dual receivers.  Sub receiver is VHF/440 only, and AM/FM only but it's still nice.  You can monitor police/fire, hams  etc. with it.

*  Transmit audio monitor.  That's COOL.

*  I really like the built-in automatic antenna tuner.  This is my first rig with a built-in ATU  and it is VERY nice.

*  Some reviewers on  have criticized the look of the 2000.  It's a bit different but I don't really have a problem with it.  In fact the
more I look at it the better I like it.  It's different and therein lies its beauty.

This rig has many many nice features and a few more things that bug me just a bit but it's still a nice rig.  If you are a die-hard
contester or an HF only operator you may want to put this one down on your list a bit but if you like to do a little bit of everything
ham radio has to offer, you may be pleased with the TS-2000.  I've seen reviews elsewhere on this rig and many have expressed that
it doesn't do any one thing fantasticly (is that a word?)  but it does do most  things fairly well....I think that's a good way to put it. It is NOT
a plug-and play radio.  You will have to take some time to get to know it and know what it can do.  Be patient and you will see just
how powerful a rig it really is.


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