This is a pen made out of aluminum.  I turned it on my metal lathe.  You can purchase the pen kits from various sources.  On the left is a pen made out of copper.  In the middle is a flashlight made out of aluminum.  And on the right is a flashlight made from brass.

Yes, I DO have hobbies other than ham radio.  I do woodworking and I like to make pens.  I have a Jet wood lathe (1236) and a small metal lathe in my shop.  I got started making pens and flashlights out of metal material and had a lot of fun doing that.  For those of you into that sort of thing I have a fairly well-equipped shop.  I have made stuff ranging from small letters, toys and shelves up to old fashioned pie cupboards and corner hutches.  Much of the furniture in our home comes from my own shop.  The picture on the right holding the pen and flashlights is the top of one of my sofa tables located in our kitchen area.

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