K7SU Straight Keys
for the discriminating Ham Radio Operator!


NEW  Click HERE to see "Ye Olde Violin Key" Sideswiper!  NEW


The Titan...

Polished Brass
Approx 9 3/4L x 2 1/2H x 3 W
$149 - Includes shipping costs to US

 NEW - The Titan Camelback - NEW

Brushed Brass
Approx 9 3/4L x 2 3/4H x 3W

$189 - Includes shipping costs to US

The "Titan BW"

Brushed Brass with walnut base and knob
Approx 9 3/4L x 2 1/2H x 3 W
$149 - Includes shipping costs to US

The "Titan Camelback Polished Brass"

Polished Brass
Approx 9 3/4L x 2 3/4H x 3W

$239 - Includes shipping costs to US


"KEY" Features of these keys...

*  Completely hand made by a CW OP, K7SU.
*  ALL brass parts are C360 brass. 
*Base and knob of African Padauk hardwood and worked to a smooth finish.
*NO SPRING!  Adjustable tension with NEODYMIUM MAGNETS!
*Silver plated contacts.
*No Bearings...Adjustable trunions like the classic J-38 style vintage keys.
*Grooved underbase with clear plastic plate.
*Soft plastic feet to avoid slipping.
*Customized, laser-engraved brass plate with your call sign and serial number.
*Extremely smooth operation.
*Satisfaction guarantee - If you are unhappy with your key, return in original condition within 45 days for a full refund.

Click HERE for a short video about the TITAN key.
Click HERE for a 30 minute video showing the Titan Key being made.

For more information please email Kelly@k7su.com
Kelly Klaas  K7SU
Twin Falls, Idaho


"I just got the key today and have been playing around with it. Man, I can't believe how smooth this feels while sending a string of dits! And what a solidly built key
this is!  You know, your video is what sold me on your Titan. Your craftsmanship with designing and sculpting materials to produce this straight key is incredible in
this day and age of stamped-out garbage.  Also, during our QSO, I noticed your fist was really fluid, and thought the key might have something to do with it, so I thought I'd 
give it a try. The fact that this key actually DOES feel so smooth is icing on the cake.  Thank you for your artistry in CW!"
73   Leland   W6GEE

"Sweet key. I love mine and use it almost daily. So smooooth !!!"
Jim   W7OUU

"Today I put the new Titan key, that you made, on the air. It's a real pleasure to use it. Nice and smooth operation.  I think the OM I was working said "nice sounding key", hi hi. 
Kelly thanks again for making such an excellent piece of equipment.  Anyone that wants a "one-of-a-kind", handcrafted CW key, please contact Kelly, K7SU, you won't be disappointed."
"Bil"  K8MPW

"I have seen paddles that use magnets...but this is a first I've seen with a straight key.  It's the only way to go.  I've had numerous straight keys in the past where I have
swapped out springs, trying to get the right adjustment.  This works great!"

Brian   KE7LOY

"The key arrived a few days ago in great shape.  I just wanted to say Thank You!  This is a beautiful key with a very nice action and a joy to use." 
Dave   K7TRF


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